About Us

This site highlights the work of AWS APN Ambassadors and is the home for our podcast.


Let’s get the obvious disclaimer out of the way. While most everything on this site is about AWS, and we are part of a program run by AWS, this site and our works (unless otherwise highlighted) are independent from AWS.

What is an APN Ambassador?

As mentioned on the official APN Ambassador page at AWS:

The APN Ambassador Program is a community of technical experts in the AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner community. APN Ambassadors are passionate about sharing their technical knowledge through public presentations, the creation of open source projects, and social media. APN Ambassadors possess multiple AWS certifications as well as in-depth AWS knowledge. As employees of APN Consulting Partners, they work closely with AWS Solution Architects to migrate, design, implement, and monitor AWS workloads

In less marketing-focused speech, this means that we know a lot of AWS and like to share our knowledge with the community.

This site came out as part of that. Originally envisioned as home for our Ambassador Lounge podcast, discussions quickly turned to having it serve a broader purpose.