Greg Cockburn
Website: Company: Location: Sydney, Australia

Greg is a Technology Evangelist and Versatilist. He spends a lot of his time on Cloud thought leadership within AC3, with customers, and the greater community. Greg has spoken at a number of events across topics such as Devops, Kubernetes, and Containers. He has worked with a range of companies and customers to help them define their technology road-maps and strategy, and to assist in adoption of next generation processes, cloud-architecture, and services.



Companies are dealing with the challenging times in different ways. Greg and Guy interview employees from AC3 to see how they are using this time to gain AWS Certifications, how they are being supported and why certifications are important.
After everything has been announced, Arjen and Greg are joined by special guest Jaco to take a short look at some of their favorite announcements from this re:Invent.