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In this crossover with the new podcast from the Melbourne AWS User Group Arjen, Jean-Manuel, and Guy take a look at the announcements from AWS in March.
In a crossover event with the Cloud Security Podcast, Arjen and Ashish take a look at the security announcements that happened before and during re:Invent.
Both Arjen and Ryan got their hands on the new DeepComposer musical keyboards that AWS released and take a look at what it is and does in this episode recorded in person at re:Invent.
After everything has been announced, Arjen and Greg are joined by special guest Jaco to take a short look at some of their favorite announcements from this re:Invent.
01 December / / Opinion
The day before re:Invent kicks off, we’re all anxiously awaiting what will be coming out. Arjen and Ian make some predictions about this, but before that discuss the recent major CloudFormation updates.
In this first episode, Arjen, Ben, and Rolf explain what the ambassador program and this podcast are about, before they discuss the new Savings Plan and the SSO Login capabilities of the AWS CLI v2.