18 August / / Architecture
In July I was lucky enough to be asked back to give a workshop at the Melbourne AWS Programming and Tools Meetup. This meetup is always a lot of fun as it’s all about going hands on. This workshop is now available on GitHub and you can work through it at your own pace.
07 August / / Showcase
At the AWS User Group in Melbourne, which I help run, we recently got a DeepRacer track that we let our attendees use to test their models before the evening’s talks kick off. In order to introduce people to what is basically a small self-driving car, I gave a talk to show what DeepRacer is and how you can train your models for it. If you prefer a written version, my original write-up after re:Invent is still valid.
28 January / / CI/CD
A 5 minute introduction about AWS Codebuild. What is it, how does it work, and what are some of the good and less good things about it. Video Transcript Hello people, and welcome to todays video. I’ll be covering AWS CodeBuild which is part of the AWS CodePipeline CI/CD chain. What exactly is CodeBuild? In short, CodeBuild allows you to build your code from a variety of locations and then push the resulting artifacts up to an S3 bucket.